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Sperides Reiners Architects

SRa, a name you should be familiar with if you are looking for architectural services in the Midwest. Ko Kreative provides a complete digital management service for SRa (Sperides Reiners Architects). Our duties include photography/videography of completed projects, social media management, content creation, website creation, website management, and much, much more. We bring it all for this client that designs it all! Check out the newly finished website our team created for SRa below, along with their social media channels. We are honored to have served Sperides Reiners Architects for over an entire year! 

Pebble Creek Custom Homes

Busy creating beautiful custom homes, the Pebble Creek team did not have excess time to create content and manage their social media accounts. Ko Kreative has recently taken these duties to a professional level. We currently manage Instagram and Facebook for Pebble Creek, along with documenting the building process of their numerous in progress projects. We are excited to be in the early stages of taking Pebble Creek and our visions for the future to life through the power of social media and professional content!

Children Activities Management

Classic Gymnastics, the leading gym(s) located around Minneapolis quickly became apart of C.A.M. Inc, a collection of gymnastics companies across the midwest. Ko Kreative is honored to serve all five locations. Through creative brainstorming, our team implemented a click funnel software that gathers information as parents learn about what each of these gyms offers. The funnel lands the new client with a free trial class. The content in the funnel is shot by our team, and this funnel is discovered by our “perfect customers” through the Facebook advertising service we provide for all locations. Our team brings the kids, C.A.M. Inc. brings the fun!

Linked below is the Facebook and click funnel specifically for Classic Gymnastics for demonstration of our service.



Team 36, a newer name to the game, but certainly a respected one. 36 Lacrosse is the leading training program and club team in Minnesota. Guys and Girls. Ko Kreative was honored to fully take over social media management for the 2020 season! Our team spent the year 2020 traveling the country with 36 Lacrosse, shooting Team 36. Practices, games, and more; you name it. We spent 14 hour days on-site, running from field to field, gathering awesome content. Through this year we also managed and created all content 36 Lacrosse’s Instagram, their main marketing tool. By the end of the year, 36 Lacrosse was ready to take their marketing back in-house with the knowledge and tools our team supplied for them. Our team is honored to have supplied the best, most engaging content out of all lacrosse teams in Minnesota (and in our opinion the United States) for 36 Lacrosse over the summer of 2020. Bleed Orange!

Bow and Arrow Pet

Ever wondered where Target, Walmart, Pet Smart, and other brands’ in-house product lines come from? Bow and Arrow Pet is (one of) the place(s)! Ko Kreative worked with Bow and Arrow to do an immense amount of product photography, and to create a simple showcase website.  To accomplish this job, our team picked up 8 dogs and walked them through a beautiful park in Prior Lake, Minnesota. This job was extremely unique and a blast but trust us when we say this job had quite its difficulties, any dog lover would understand! 

Prior Lake Lacrosse

Prior Lake, Minnesota. Home of the Lakers! Lacrosse is proudly the most successful sport that Prior Lake has ever bred. Ko Kreative was honored to bring the pre-game hype to all home games this year! Our team filmed the video displayed in the background, on Dan Patch (home) turf! This production was shown before every home game, with blasting volume, to set the energy level high. Prior Lake Lacrosse also contacted our team to create a last minute, season recap, highlight video for the Boys Varsity team to be shown at their end of year banquet. We supplied this in a very short window, and we are thrilled to say that it was a huge hit! Thank you Prior Lake lacrosse for allowing our team of creative minds to create awesomeness for you!

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